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Discuss the pros and cons of option using management terms

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    Problem 1

    The food and nutrition services department recently lost two employees.  The positions vacated were evening cook and relief evening cook.  A present employee was promoted to the evening cook position, and it is now necessary to hire a part-time relief evening cook.  It would be desirable to hire someone who would have the capabilities to learn several jobs, including breakfast cook salad maker, cafeteria aide, and tray line aide in order to relieve employees on off days, vacations, and holidays.

    The interviewing process has not been going well.  There is only one qualified candidate for the relief job, Diane Baker.  She has some previous cooking experience and she has the potential to learn the various jobs.  The only drawback is that she is a close friend of Brenda Smith, the food production supervisor.  Diane’s husband is the brother of Brenda’s boyfriend, and they often socialize together. However, this does not necessarily mean that there will be problems if she is hired, but the potential for favoritism and related inequity problems does exist.

    At this point the job has been posted on the hospital bulletin boards; however, there has not been advertising of the position outside the hospital.  The position needs to be filled as soon as possible.  Based on this information several options for this staffing problem exist.

    Problem 1 Options

    Option 1

    Hire Diane Baker in the position of relief evening cook.

    Option 2

    Hire the second choice from the application received.  Although this person does not have the same experience as Diane Baker, it may prevent future problems with a supervisor and friend relationship.

    Option 3

    Advertise in the local newspaper and continue to interview other applicants.

    *Discuss the pros and cons of each option using management terms, and select the best option including your justification.*

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