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Discuss the various theories that people used

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    Although your text only talks about a few types of business torts, there are many others. Let’s discuss Big Tobacco. Take a look at this article:

    If you have any trouble locating it on the web, you can find similar articles by just searching phrases like “tobacco litigation”. In short, you’ll see that for decades, smokers tried to make tobacco companies liable for the illness and death caused by cigarette smoke. Thousands of lawsuits have been filed. Movies were made to capture the drama of this litigation. And at the end of the day, these are all “business tort” cases. Do some on line reading, and let’s discuss the various theories that people used to sue the tobacco companies. What legal tort theories have plaintiffs used to sue the tobacco companies? What were some of the defenses used by the tobacco companies? What do you think? Should plaintiffs have been able to recover from the tobacco companies? Has this litigation gone too far? Not far enough? Base your opinion on facts or reason that you’ve gleaned from your online research.

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