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    Question 1.

    Since symbolic signs are claimed to be learned through social conventions, which have no direct correlation to their meaning, give an example of a known symbolic sign that you are aware of. How did you come to learn the meaning of this sign? Describe the universal meaning of this sign.

    Question 2.

    In our last class session, we discussed Cognitive Theory and how we generate what we see to what we’ve memorized. For example, the power socket may look like eyes and a mouth. What daily object do you see and visualize it as something you’ve memorized?

    Question 3.

    In the lecture from last week, we talked a little bit about visual theories, including Gestalt theory. This theory informs us of the capabilities of our brains and the process by which they begin to assemble a visual image. Our eyes pay more attention to the entire image than to its individual components. Let’s examine the images that are here. Which Gestalt principle, and why, applies to these images? Did you look at the image’s details, or did you just see the whole thing and immediately identify it? What do you suppose was the reason you were able to recognize it so quickly?

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