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Does technology make people smarter or dumber

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    Choose a side–“Does Technology Make People Smarter or Dumber?” and compose an 800-1000 word essay. Your job is to convince me of your position and perhaps even sway me over to your way of thinking. In an effort to persuade, you should provide support from books, magazines, the internet, etc. that will strengthen your view.

    Your essay must include at least 3 reasons to support your view. Additionally, you must provide outside sources (at least 2 no more than 4) to support your reasons. Think of this like pulling witnesses in to prove your point.

    You should provide a Works Cited list of your resources at the end of your essay. Works Cited refers to any outside research you incorporate into your essay.

    Keep this in mind…if you use an outside source in the essay, you must include it on the works cited page; however, DO NOT list a source on the works cited page and then not use it in the essay.

    When you use a source (quoted or paraphrased), you should simple place the author’s last name or if there is no author use the first two or three words of the article title inside parentheses to indicate that you are using a source.

    Failure to cite (give credit to) your outside sources will result in a 0 for this assignment.

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