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Effective interpersonal skills

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    It is hiring season at Sarnia Eco-Shops. Alva the founder and general manager is doing the interviews for the new candidates. Sarnia Eco-Shops expansion has fueled demand for new talents. While doing the panel interviews Alva noticed that a lot of new hires, lack interpersonal skills. She decided to hire the best of the worse and train her.

    Alva hired one candidate, and started the training session immediately. She asked the new hire to do a surprise presentation, which she agreed to do. The new hire was giving a presentation about one of Sarnia Eco-Shops key products. Alva, the head of HR and the training team were all present at this presentation.

    The new hire came into the meeting room, and started talking directly about the product and its features. The new hire, did not introduce herself, or the company. She did not explain here position, experiences… etc. just went straight into the presentation. She started by talking about the products features, which are hard to grasp without knowing the product. Also, she did not show the panel the product, neither did she distribute a brochure for them. Her presentation was very fast paced and it was hard to grasp what she was talking about.
    Alva noticed that she talks really fast, and her speech is not clear. She does not maintain eye contact, and for most of the time looks on the floor. When somebody asks questions, the new hire, interrupts the speaker while they are asking the question, and provides very brief answers. After finishing the presentation, she did not ask any questions. Attendees wanted to ask her a couple of questions, but she interrupted them and ended the presentation heftily and left without even shaking hands.

    Alva, realized that the new hire lacks interpersonal skills, and decided to put together a training manual to help her out to become a better presenter, and a better employee.

    Your task is:

    1. analyze the case, did the new hire possess effective interpersonal skills? Why?

    2. identify which interpersonal skills she lacks.

    3. role play a presentation with your teammates, applying the interpersonal skills identified in the case above. Do not forget to apply effective interpersonal skills.

    4. list the key points of case study.

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