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    1. You head up the interdepartmental design review team for a manufacturer of high-performance motorcycles, and things are not going well at the moment. The design engineers and marketing strategists keep arguing about which should be a high priority, performance or aesthetics, and the accountants say both groups are driving the cost of the new model through the roof by adding too many new features. Everyone has valid points to make, but the team is getting bogged down in conflict. Explain how you could go about resolving the stalemate.

    2. How can nonverbal communication help you run a meeting? How can it help you to call a meeting to order, emphasize important topics, show approval, express reservations, regulate flow of conversation,and invite a colleague to continue with a comment.

    3. Several members of your sales team are protesting the company’s business casual dress code claiming that dressing nicely makes them feel awkward and overly formal in front of customers. You have to admit that most of the company’s customers dress like they’ve just walked in from a picnic or a bike ride, but that doesn’t change the fact that you want your company to be seen as conscientious and professional. How will you explain the policy to these employees in a way that will help them understand and accept it?

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