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Evaluate the rights and duties of an agent

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    Business Law


    The aim of this unit is to provide knowledge and application of the law relating to sale of goods, consumer credit, monopolies and intellectual property as it relates to business and its everyday dealings.

    Learning outcomes and assessment

    LO1 Be able to apply the main principles affecting the legal relationship between business organisations and their consumers

    1.1 apply the legal rules on implied terms relating to the sale of goods and supply of services

    1.2 apply the statutory provisions on the transfer of property and possession

    1.3 evaluate the statutory provisions on buyer’s and seller’s remedies

    1.4 apply product liability statutory provisions

    LO2 Be able to apply the legal rules on consumer credit agreements and agency

    2.1 differentiate between types of credit agreements

    2.2 apply rules, termination rights and default notices in a given scenario

    2.3 differentiate between the different types of agent

    2.4 evaluate the rights and duties of an agent

    LO3 Understand the legal rules relating to monopolies, mergers and anti-competitive practices

    3.1 outline monopolies and anti-competitive practice legislation in the UK

    3.2 explain the role of the Competition Commission within the context of monopolies and anti-competitive practices and the UK Office of Fair Trading

    3.3 define dominant positions within the EU common market

    3.4 consider the application of EU exemptions to potentially anti-competitive practices

    LO4 Know the key provisions relating to intellectual property rights

    4.1 identify differing forms of intellectual property

    4.2 outline the principles relating to the protection of inventions through patent rights and their infringement in a given business scenario

    4.3 describe the principles relating to copyright protection and their infringement in a given business scenario

    4.4 compare and contrast the protection of trade marks and business names.

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