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Evaluate the security of the devices

    Assignment Instructions

    Assignment ID: FG133136287

    Project objectives

    1. ?Identify and create taxonomy of critical privacy and security threats related to IoT security by analysing data from multiple sources.
    Output: Research report to summarise and classify threats for the security, privacy and trust at different levels of IoT architecture.

    2. ?Prepare a business case study and perform threat modelling to inform defensive measures to provide resilience and robustness management in IoT
    Output: An abstraction of the system with profiles of potential attackers, including their goals and methods

    3. ?Perform security/threat analysis to understand most probable risks and threat scenarios along with the likelihood of an event with a successful attack and its impact.
    Output: Threat analysis?with list of potential threats that may arise and threat
    classification with associated cost of attacks for business use case

    4. ?Evaluate the security of the devices used in proposed business use case using simulation in packet tracer or OPNET by injecting various attacks (e.g., Man in the middle, Sybil, DoS) to show impact.
    Output:? Performance impact of attacks

    5. Propose and evaluate security and privacy design ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of IoT devices in use case
    Output: Security model consisting Recommended mitigations and Security controls

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