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Evaluation metrics to support b2b marketing strategies

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    MKG201 Business-to-Business Marketing

    Group Project – Marketing Plan

    Learning Outcome 1: Apply the key principles of business-to-business (B2B) marketing.

    Learning Outcome 2: Discuss the importance of developing strongbusiness relationships between the organisation and business clients.

    Learning Outcome 3: Demonstrate how the marketing mix is used in B2B marketing.

    Learning Outcome 4: Identify appropriate evaluation metrics to support B2B marketing strategies.


    The outcome of this assessment is to create a marketing plan for a B2B product or service. In developing a marketing plan for a B2B product or service provider, you will develop industry relevant skills to:
    • Display personal leadership and management qualities that reflect ethical & sustainable business practices
    • Recognise and analyse business operations, challenges, and innovations and identify and assess business solutions
    • Demonstrate an ability to think strategically about an organisation
    • Communicate effectively in business contexts and across cultures
    • Develop, integrate, and evaluate broad business theoretical and technical knowledge in the marketing business environment
    • Apply research skills appropriate to the qualification

    • Acquire business and personal communication skills whilst working or in a business environment.
    • Demonstrate leadership and collaborative skills to perform effectively in a team within a business context.

    The Marketing Plan Project comprises two parts: assessment 2 (Marketing Plan) and assessment 3 (Marketing Plan Presentation). Therefore, assessment 2 and 3 are related, as a marketing plan for a B2B product or service.


    This is a Group Assessment. You will be allocated to a group of 2-4 students by your Learning Facilitator.

    In order to address this task, you are required to select a real life B2B product of a company of professional or career interest.

    It is recommended that you select a product/company from those presented by your group member in assessment 1 (Diagnostic Report). However, you do have the option of selecting a new company altogether. (Be mindful that a good marketing strategy starts with a strong diagnosis of the market, as performed in assessment 1).

    In this assessment (assessment 2), you are required to outline the target market, positioning, marketing mix, and evaluation of key performance indicators, for a proposed marketing plan.

    In addressing the tasks, you are required to use relevant theories and concepts as well as data and facts to show their application.

    Assessment 2 is comprised of the following tasks:

    1. Outline the target market of the selected B2B product – explain the relationship strategy for this specific target market, to grow the business of the selected product.

    2. Outline the SWOT analysis for this business.

    3. Develop marketing objectives for this product.

    4. Formulate the position strategy, for this product – outline the core competency that the business has in the industry. Formulate the possible positioning statement for this product, considering: the target market, core competencies, and reason to believe.

    5. Describe the product mix.

    6. Describe the service strategy for this product – outline the customer’s service need for this product. Detail the service strategy required to meet the customer’s service need for this product.

    7. Formulate a new marketing distribution channel strategy for this product.

    8. Formulate a corresponding pricing strategy for this product.

    9. Explain the IMC strategy for this product – Select at least two IMC tools to support this product and explain the rationale of using these two tools.

    10. Outline how the marketing plan will be evaluated – Outline the key performance indicator/s (KPI/s) for this product. Outline the evaluation plan against the KPI/s.

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