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    Global Business Environment Assignment – Analysis and evaluation of an organisation for globalisation
    Learning Outcomes:
    Task 1 –

    • Analyse the key factors which drive globalisation.
    • Determine the strategic complexities associated with operating in a global environment.

    Task 2 –

    • Evaluate how operating in a global market influences an organisation’s structure, culture and functions.
    • Evaluate the influence of globalisation on organisational decision making and strategy.

    Assignment Brief and Guidance:
    Task 1 – Scenario
    You are an advisor for the board of directors of ‘SASOL Limited’, a fast-growing energy and chemical company, based in South Africa [or insert here a global organisation of your choice]. The company has also expanded into Mozambique, Canada, Gabon and Australia, and hope to expand into other countries soon.
    A new CEO has taken over the organisation and has asked you to produce a presentation to the board of directors to advise them on the concept of ‘Globalisation’ and the challenges this creates for global businesses trying to enter new markets.
    You are required to investigate and explain the key factors that drive globalisation as well as the key challenges this creates when operating globally. This will be presented by using a PESTLE analysis to guide you and show analysis of cultural, economic, political and social dimensions.
    The presentation should include the following:
    1. An introduction to the concept of globalisation.
    2. An explanation on the driving factors of globalisation.
    3. The significant impact of digital technology upon globalisation.
    4. Complete and present a PEST/LE analysis of the organisation.
    5. Explain the challenges of globalisation and the strategic challenges this represents for the organisation.
    6. Provide recommendations on how to overcome these challenges.
    Task 2 – Scenario
    You required to continue the research on the organisation you have chosen in task one and you are required to evaluate the impact that globalisation has on organisational structures, cultures and functions. As part of your research you have to investigate how globalisation affects decision making and strategy within a global business. This will require that you consider theory (McKinsey’s 7S model, Hofstede’s Dimensions of Culture etc) and factors that influence structures, culture and organisational functions in the given business. You should relate to the given organisation and demonstrate how their strategy and decisions have been influenced by the factors you have discussed.
    The report should include the following:
    1. An explanation of the structure, culture and governance of the organisation. Applying McKinsey’s 7S model and checklist to illustrate an overview of the organisation.
    2. An evaluation of how the above has been influenced by global operations and how the organisation has adapted to operating in a global market. Applying Hofstede’s Dimensions of Culture to demonstrate how the organisation has been influenced.
    3. An evaluation of ethical and sustainable factors that the organisation has to consider in a global market.
    4. Assess how these factors have affected decision making in a global context.
    5. Assess which strategic expansion routes the organisation took and analyse both advantages and disadvantages.
    Recommended Resources –

    • BARTLETT, C. and BEAMISH, P. (2011). Transnational Management: Texts, Cases, and Readings in Cross-Border Management. 6th Ed. Maidenhead: McGraw-Hill.
    • DANIELS, J. D., RADEBAUGH, L.H. and SULLIVAN D.P. (2013) International Business Environments and Operations. 14th Ed. Harlow: Pearson.
    • DERESKY, H. (2014). International Management: Managing Across Borders and Cultures. 8th Ed. Harlow: Pearson.
    • GUAY, T. R. (2014) The Business Environment of Europe: Firms, Governments, and Institutions. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
    • PENG, M. (2014) Global Business. 3rd Ed. Cengage Learning.
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