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Examine the arctic sea ice extent

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    Post the answers to the Environmental Analysis questions on Sea Ice Extent in your textbook on page 249.

    Use the default map parameters of “Monthly” and “Extent” for the Arctic.

    1. When did Sea Ice Index data collection start?

    2. The “median ice edge” line on the map represents the 30-year median ice extent. Is the current ice cover more than or less than the 30-year median?

    3. View the “Northern Hemisphere Extent Anomalies” graph for the most recent month, and click on “About this graph. How is the monthly ice extent anomaly calculated?

    4. Given the 1981-2010 mean sea ice extent labeled near the bottom of the graph, calculate the current sea ice extent.

    5. How does the extent anomaly graph compare with the temperature anomaly graph of Figure 4-34? Examine the “Arctic Sea Ice Extent” graph and click on “About this graph.”

    6. What data are plotted on the graph?

    7. According to the graph, how does the current sea ice extent compare with the 1981-2010 average?

    8. Which month has the lowest sea ice extent?

    9. In that month, what was the extent (in square kilometers) on average for 1981-2010? During 2012? During the current year?

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