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Explain how domestic violence is intergenerational

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    Question 1: List three stereotypes that you hold about other people or groups, and describe in detail how you formed them and how they have been reinforced? How can we as individuals work to diminish the stereotypes we hold about other people or groups? Please base your answers on class material and our text.

    Question 2: Based on your text, explain how domestic violence is intergenerational and what processes are involved in this.

    Question 3: Utilizing your text for reference and specific principles of Social Psychology, explain why you chose to complete the final examination rather than convince your instructor that you did not need to take the examination.

    Question 4: Based on readings from Social Psychology: If we succeeded in changing attitudes toward a specific behavior in a group of subjects, would this attitudinal change also produce behavioral change? Please explain why or why not in detail, and what (if anything) we can do to increase the chances of behavioral change.

    Question 5: A tenet of social psychology is how we can use our knowledge to address social issues and concerns. After all, what is the good of knowledge if we do not apply it to the world around us? Homelessness has been in the media recently, more specifically rates of homelessness and it’s etiology. Please explain, using our text and from a social psychology standpoint, possible root causes of homelessness.

    Question 6: Describe what an observational research study is, and what its strengths and weaknesses are.

    Question 7:  Describe the relationship between social status, self-esteem, and self-presentation and how these interact. Be sure to describe how we achieve/manipulate these concepts within ourselves and how they affect one another and our behavior.

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