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Explain how either a setting or a character in 1984

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    1984 By George Orwell

    Question 1. In a developed paragraph, identify and describe the perspective of a main character in 1984 By George Orwell. Discuss the literary techniques the author uses to develop the character’s perspective and explain how the author might be using the character’s perspective to contribute to the meaning of the work. Use textual details to support your analysis.

    Question 2. In a developed paragraph, explain how either a setting OR a character in 1984 By George Orwell is an archetype. Your paragraph should include a claim and textual details to support your interpretation.

    Question 3. Using textual details, describe a setting from 1984 and explain its possible function. Discuss the literary techniques the author uses to reveal the setting and its function. Your paragraph response should include a claim, evidence from the novel, and commentary.

    Question 4. Locate a brief passage that develops the relationship between the setting and the character in 1984. Provide the context of the passage and describe the relationship being developed or portrayed and explain its possible function, using evidence and commentary to support your interpretation.

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