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Explain the concept of knowledge management

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    Contemporary Issues in Marketing Management


    This unit will introduce learners to some current issues within the marketing industry including relationship marketing, customer relationship management, marketing in non-traditional contexts, marketing services and the increasing concern with ethical and social considerations.

    Learning outcomes and assessment

    LO1 Understand the importance of relationship marketing in a contemporary business context

    1.1 explain the concept of knowledge management and its role in relationship marketing

    1.2 explain the ways that ICT can support the customer relationship management process in a particular organisation

    1.3 describe the benefits of customer relationship management in a selected organisation

    1.4 make justified recommendations for the improvement in customer relationship management for a selected organisation

    LO2 Understand the role of marketing in nontraditional contexts

    2.1 carry out a stakeholder analysis for a voluntary sector and a public sector organisation

    2.2 describe the nature of the relationships with customer within two selected not-for-profit organisations

    2.3 compare methods used in marketing within the public, private and voluntary sectors

    2.4 explain the key issues involved in marketing in a selected virtual organisation

    LO3 Understand the importance of applying the extended marketing mix in the service sector

    3.1 describe the use of the extended marketing mix in a selected service sector businesses

    3.2 explain how the product/service mix can be used to enhance value for the customer and organisation

    3.3 explain how difficulties peculiar to the marketing of services can be overcome with reference to a particular organisation

    3.4 explain the role of IT in services marketing management in a selected organisation

    LO4 Understand the reasons for the increasing emphasis on ethics and social responsibility in marketing

    4.1 explain some of the current issues of ethical and social concern to marketers in a particular industry

    4.2 explain the concept of CSR with reference to a particular organisation

    4.3 evaluate the role played by published or broadcast media in influencing ethical and social marketing policies for a selected organisation.

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