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Explain the concepts of a profession and a professional

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    Assignment – Professional Practice in IT

    General Objectives
    1. Demonstrate an awareness of legal and ethical issues for the IT practitioner
    2. Relate professional issues to their own practice
    3. Understand and apply the principles of group working
    4. Explain the quality management process
    5. Search and select appropriate information
    6. Prepare for the job application process
    7. Make a successful presentation
    1 To be able to:
    Compare different types of information
    Describe different sources of information
    Explain the need for validating information and list appropriate criteria

    Explain the nature of information, for example, data, information, knowledge, understanding
    Describe different types and sources of information
    Describe the search process and different techniques
    Discuss criteria for assessing information based  upon both the context of the author and the needs of the user
    2-4 To be able to:
    Justify the need for a legal framework and relate it to moral and ethical ones
    Compare IT-related laws in different countries

    Explain morals, ethics and laws
    Describe the Libyan legal system and highlight laws relating to IT practice
    Describe ITrelated laws in other countries
    5-6 To be able to:
    Justify the need for professional standards
    Explain the role of professional bodies

    Explain the concepts of a profession and a professional
    Describe professional bodies using an example such as the British
    Computer Society

    Explain a Code of Conduct

    7-8 To be able to:

    Describe the dynamics of a group and the role of different members

    Describe the stages of group formation

    Describe: Group roles eg Belbin

    Group formation
    9-11 To be able to: Justify the need for quality management within the field of IT

    Justify the need for standards and defined processes by describing examples of good and bad practice

    Justify the need for quality assurance

    Explain the meaning of quality in the context of IT products and IT projects eg to specification, on time, within budget

    Contrast different types of system eg business information and safety critical systems

    Explain the need for a quality program and the three stages of quality management (defined standards and processes, quality assurance, quality improvement)

    12-13 To be able to:

    Describe and compare roles within the IT profession

    Outline the IT job market 

    Explain the characteristics (including abilities and career paths) of roles within the IT profession

    Describe the IT job market
    14-15 To be able to:

    Describe the criteria of a good presentation

    Demonstrate examples of bad and good presentations

    Explain the elements and structure of a good presentation and the role of media in supporting presentations

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