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Explain the elements of internet marketing

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    Internet Marketing


    This unit provides learners with an understanding of internet marketing so they can develop the skills to use the internet for promotion, advertising, interactive
    communications, market research, developing customer relationships and an internet marketing plan.

    Learning outcomes and assessment

    LO1 Understand marketing through the internet.

    1.1 explain the elements of internet marketing

    1.2 evaluate the internet marketing mix

    1.3 compare internet marketing tools – e-tools

    1.4 examine interactive order processing

    LO2 Be able to use the internet for promotion using digital marketing communications

    2.1 demonstrate the mechanics of search engine marketing

    2.2 write the copy for a suitable opt-in email marketing newsletter

    2.3 follow guidelines for best practice in online public relations

    2.4 demonstrate how businesses can use new digital media communities, e.g. file-sharing sites

    LO3 Be able to produce market research to support customer relationship management

    3.1 conduct secondary market research

    3.2 design an online survey

    3.3 demonstrate the use of electronic customer relationship marketing

    LO4 Be able to design an internet marketing plan

    4.1 produce an outline internet marketing plan

    4.2 create a presentation on pay per click advertising.

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