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Explain the high-level concepts of requirement engineering

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    Requirement Engineering Assignment –

    Context: In your reading and activities for this subject, you have discovered the concept of requirement engineering and the entire procedures that involved in the process derived from the real-world cases. You also explored the importance of requirement engineering and the relevant case studies have guided you to understand it further. By undertaking this assessment, you will be able to contextualise and explain the high-level concepts of requirement engineering and explain the role of requirement engineering in achieving organizational success.
    Instructions: To begin the assessment, you should provide a short summary of what your role is in this research project and explain what about your background makes you qualified to give advice on requirement engineering. Once you have established your credentials you should introduce the research project, provide its content and then conclude. Please select a specific and well-known case/company, who was working strictly towards the concepts and procedures of requirement engineering. The case selection criteria will need to be well-provided and justified. The value proposition of the case/ company will need to be included and discussed in the presentation. The procedures of requirement engineering that were conducted in the process of product implementation will be elaborated as the core of the assessment. Any recommendations/ lesson learn are highly suggested. If you have attended class and participated dutifully in the activities, this assessment will be very easy to write!
    It is expected the academic references are included and that you cite them all in the body of the report. Although it is impossible to prescribe a minimum number to use, a good rule of thumb to follow for Masters level courses is to use a new citation every 100 words.

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