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Explain the internet protocol in detail

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    Explain the Internet Protocol (IP) in detail. If necessary, include a diagram or an example in your posting/answer (a picture or an example is worth a thousand words!) Your answer/posting should answer one or more questions below:

    What is an IP address? Why is an IP address important? Can you convert a 8 bit binary number to a decimal number (or a decimal number to a 8 bit binary number)? Does an IP address consist of four octets (or how many bits in an IP address?)? Is a valid IP address? Can you convert an IP address in decimal form to one in binary format? Explain how. Any example?

    What is a classful IP address? Classful vs Classless IP address (what is the difference?).

    What is a subnet mask? Why do we need a subnet mask? If an IP address alone good enough? What is a (default) subnet mask of a class A (or B and C) IP address? If an IP address is classful, do we really need a subnet mask information? For example, is a class A IP address? What is the (default) subnet mask of

    An IP address is called hierarchical as it is made up of two parts: a network portion and a host portion. What are a network portion and a host portion of an IP address? To answer this question, you should understand the job of a subnet mask.

    Explain private IP addresses vs public IP addresses. What is the difference? Why do we need a private IP address?

    What is an IP header? In the IP header, there are many different IP header fields. What do you think the most important fields are in the IP header?

    Explain a OSI model. In the OSI model, Is IP a layer 3 (or a network layer) protocol ? Is a router a layer 3 device (or why explain why a router is called a layer 3 device)

    Do NOT discuss the followings:

    IP version 6

    IP subnetting or VLSM (Variable Length Subnetting Mask)

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