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Explain the structure of the host organisation

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    This unit will develop the skills and knowledge of work practices in industry through the learner undertaking work experience and producing a management report examining a work-based issue.

    Learning outcomes and assessment

    LO1 Understand ways to arrange appropriate industry experience

    1.1 select a suitable host organisation

    1.2 explain the structure of the host organisation and the sector in which it operates

    1.3 explain how the industry experience would support the development of an appropriate management report

    LO2 Be able to agree aims and objectives of workbased project with others

    2.1 negotiate appropriate aims, objectives and targets for the work-based project task

    2.2 evaluate how the aims, objectives and targets will benefit both the organisation and self

    LO3 Be able to monitor and evaluate progress of work-based project

    3.1 research suitable information to inform the work-based activity

    3.2 maintain a reflective practice journal to monitor progress

    3.3 assess how the development of skills and behaviours improved own knowledge of working practices, making recommendations for improvement

    LO4 Be able to present report on work-based project

    4.1 develop conclusions to meet the aims, objectives and targets

    4.2 present results to colleagues in a suitable format

    4.3 evaluate how industry experience supported the development of skills and knowledge of work practices.

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