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Explain the use of electronic surveying instruments

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    Site Surveying Procedures for Construction and the Built Environment


    This unit develops an understanding of the principles of site surveying and cartographic detailing of construction works and the skills to use site surveying Instruments, alongside an understanding of the software available.

    Learning outcomes

    LO1 Understand the principles of site surveying

    1.1 describe procedures and instrumentation for transferring control points

    1.2 describe procedures for producing large horizontal curves used in road construction

    1.3 explain the use of electronic surveying instruments

    LO2 Be able to use site surveying instruments

    2.1 set up and use appropriate instruments

    2.2 record readings to produce contoured plans and traverse surveys

    2.3 set out horizontal and vertical controls and small radii horizontal curves

    2.4 check the verticality of perpendicular members of construction frames

    LO3 Understand cartographic detailing of construction works

    3.1 evaluate the benefits of computer software to solve typical surveying problems

    3.2 explain the use of information taken from digital mapping databases

    3.3 evaluate the use of GPS within construction and civil engineering work

    LO4 Understand the software available for site surveying

    4.1 explain how to determine contours and ground sections for an area of ground, using raw survey data

    4.2 explain how to determine areas and volumes of cut and fill, using survey data

    4.3 explain how to correct coordinate points within control traverse networks

    4.4 explain how to determine setting out data for coordinated points

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