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Explain why this story will grab audience attention

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    You are a communications consultant being asked for a storyboard presentation for a campaign sponsored by an organization looking to engage their audience in some way. The details for the scenario is vague, allowing you to add your own details if you would like, but you cannot revise or remove what is already listed in the scenario:

    A non-profit organization that works with LGBTQIA+ youth is looking to promote their new 24/7 crisis text line service and recruit volunteers to work as crisis counselors.


    Come up with a story pitch for your direct supervisor that provides an overview of the story message and the target audience. The message of the story must discuss both the organization’s objectives (why the organization is creating the story) and what the overall message will be (the ideas intended for the audience to take away from the story). When defining target audience, it is important to choose an audience that will help the organization achieve the goal. It is likely that there will be many different audiences who can help the organization achieve the goal, so it will be up to you to choose one of those audiences to focus on.

    Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

    Identify the communication goal of your story and the story’s overarching message.

    Describe the target audience for the story (demographic, geographic, and psychographic details) and the data sources you used to research your target audience.

    Justify how your communication goal and story message relate to the cultural experiences of the audience and how your message could influence them.

    Explain why this story will grab the audience’s attention.

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