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Explanatory speech plan

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    Explanatory Speech Plan

    Explanatory speech assignment topics :

    Influence of Social Media to Business

    Brands Competition

    Brand Strategy ( High End vs Regular Stores )

    1. For each topic, write out the thesis statement and main points that you would use if you were developing a speech. Identify the pattern of organization that you have selected for that topic.

    2. For each of the three topics that you selected, explain why they would or would not be particularly appropriate for you, your audience, and the context in which this speech is being given.

    3. Review the guidelines for this assignment in the textbook to refresh your memory on what the expectations are for this particular speech assignment. After re-reading those guidelines, choose which of your three topic ideas will lend itself to the strongest speech and explain why you are selecting that topic.

    4. What is one concept in your explanatory speech that will be difficult for your audience to understand? Which of the three strategies for explaining difficult concepts will you use in your explanatory speech? Write out what you will say when using this strategy in your speech.

    5. Choose three of the strategies for helping your audience understand. What is a specific way that you could use each of these three strategies in your upcoming speech?


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