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Features of the duties of care of a pcbu and worker

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    1. Explain the key features of the duties of care of a PCBU and worker?

    Provide a short descriptive response for each of the following questions. No time limit applies, and your responses can be recorded over a period of time, rather than during one event.

    2.Out of the following key features of WHS legislation in Australia, select three and explain them: (Consultation, Offence categories, Reckless endangerment, Issue resolution, Due diligence, Codes of Practice?

    3. Describe two situations to illustrate the PCBU’s duty of care to contractors and visitors.

    4. Outline with examples what is meant by ‘so far as is reasonably practicable’ under the general duty of care, in terms of eliminating or reducing risk.

    5. Give an example of circumstances where you as a general WHS practitioner would seek specialist advice?

    6. What are the powers and functions of a WHS regulator and how are they exercised?

    7. Describe three things which you think make for an effective relationship between a WHS practitioner and the organisation he or she works for (or contracts to)?

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