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Fulfilled leadership roles throughout your professional care

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    In this assignment, you are asked to write a short, personal reflection in response to the images provided.

    Step 1: Consider your participation in multiple leadership roles in a myriad of business settings. Think about the different ways in which you engaged in business practice and fulfilled leadership roles throughout your professional career. From the attached pictures, focus on one or two images that invoke an emotive reaction.

    Step 2: Write a short narrative (about 500 words) summarizing your selected images and providing your reflection to the following questions. What does the picture represent? What memories and experiences relative to business and leadership does it capture? In what ways, do these images relate to or describe the reasons underlying your leadership or business journey? Keep in mind; there is no right or wrong answer. The point of this writing is reflection via a personal narrative concerning a phenomenon relative to leadership and business experiences.

    Step 3: Your narrative should be a formal academic paper following APA writing and formatting guidelines. Papers must be submitted to the Blackboard assignment folder in Microsoft Word format (no pdf or other formats please). Papers that exceed the 500-word limitation of the assignment, use first-person, or do not follow APA conventions may be rejected.

    Attachment:- leadership roles throughout your professional care.rar

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