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How do both your current event and the line from the play

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    Question: choose three lines from the play Macbeth that you feel reveal truths about human behavior. For each of the three lines, find a current event (photo and article) that you think connects to the human truth behind the line. must include the explanation of the following:

    Everyday English: What the line means in everyday English. It must be your words. It cannot be copied (or only slightly changed) from a Modern English translation.

    Line Location: the line’s location in the play (Act, Scene, and Line).

    Context/Significance: The quote context and its full significance to the play.

    Current Event/Picture Connection: A thoughtful explanation of how your current event connects to your title and to the ideas your title expresses. How you connect the visual representation to the line is up to you (i.e., it might be a straightforward connection or it might be metaphoric), but it must be clear and thoughtful. How do both your current event and the line from the play reveal typical human behaviour? (Do NOT discuss how a current event parallels the plot of the play!)

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