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How do swot and pest analysis of these hr initiatives

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    HR initiatives

    HR has a huge responsibility to make sure all the members are responsible and equipped and improve the performances and objectives of the company (Utama & Rustam, 2022). They aim to develop various perspectives on innovations, finances, market share, etc. The customer and employee perspectives are essential for the organization. The required HR initiatives for Duet can be,

    • Resilience improvement
    • Career progression
    • Employee recognition

    Resilience improvement

    Resilience training can be helped to promote the mental health of the employees. Duet helps intellectual disabilities with required services. The employees must be trained to have a proper approach and initiate programs like mental health day by identifying the organizational pain and the gaps that must be filled according to the mental conditions of the employees.

    Career progression

    Employees must be set according to their approach skills in the right field. This initiation will contribute to the particular strengths of the employees in one specific area. Through this, they can be trained and progressed in a particular aspect. At the same time, the company would know the actual strength of the employee.

    Employee recognition

    The services that Duet provides are not like all other organizations. The employees working in a non-profit organization are social service-minded and committed (Schmidt, Pohler, et al., Wellness, 2018). Maintaining employee relations in such conditions is an essential factor in the company. The recognition, excellence, and value of emotions must be prioritized.

    How do I do the SWOT and PEST analysis of these HR initiatives?

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