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How do you anticipate residents will react to using robots

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    Your senior living community has recently made a commitment to take advantage of technological advances in the industry. As one of the floor supervisors, you are delighted that your facility has just acquired a new system to track residents’ health needs. You have also invested in an array of innovative aids for seniors, including robots and virtual reality experiences. Unfortunately, not all of your associates view this as a positive change.

    Just this morning, for instance, Maddie, one of your older, long-term employees, shrugged and told you that she was fine using a notebook to keep track of residents’ health history and that she didn’t need computers to do her job. Furthermore, she had no intention of learning how to use the new technologies, arguing that she values personalized service and that computers would interfere with her ability to establish close relationships with residents. She looked you in the eye and said, “I am here to serve the residents, not to play computer games like a child.”

    You are particularly upset by this situation because you thought everyone was on board with the new approach and hired a high-powered trainer to deliver three-hour training sessions for your care team. Though the training was just completed last week, you have heard rumors that others, in addition to Maddie, are stressed and fearful about the change. You can imagine the impact these attitudes will have on residents who will be expected to use the new items. You have to admit that you are frustrated and angry, particularly with Maddie. “Well,” you think to yourself, “too bad. The technology is here, and the staff is just going to have to deal with it.”

    Consider each of the following questions. You will create a post in which you share your answers with other learners, who will then respond to your opinions and insights.

    1. Where did you go wrong in predicting the staff’s response? How could you have listened more effectively? What else could have been done to ensure that all service employees would implement your vision?

    2. What is the best way to address the situation with Maddie? What is the cause of her resistance to this particular issue? What specific HURIER components will be most important as you help her understand the necessity of implementing these changes?

    3. How do you anticipate the residents will react to using robots and other new technologies? How can you demonstrate that you are listening to their concerns?

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