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How may paying attention to impact on organizational culture

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    For more than 15 years you have been a human resources manager at a regional health centre that employs a combination of unionized and non-unionized workers. Your company is home to more than 300 employees, ranging from doctors and to nurses, to caretakers, clerks and administrators.

    The hospital has been affected deeply by government cutbacks in funding and rising costs of carrying out core business, leading to a reduction in employee morale and a rise in burnout-related stress leave and employee attrition. The result is a skills shortage and an inability to recruit employees as compared to competitor firms. You have already rationalized your approach to demonstrating the need for a new total rewards system and now will build on that work.

    Prepare a written memo to the organization, outlining the preferred approach, why it is necessary, and how it may positively affect them, paying special attention to the impact on organizational culture.

    For Preparation:

    1. 500 word written rationale that outlines the key factors of why the company must evolve its total rewards plan in order to meet current and future challenges.

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