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How much is the total non current assets

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    Question – Analyze the following accounts and satisfy the requirements given below.

    Accounts Amount

    Common stocks 194,000.00

    Cash 100,000.00

    Accounts payable 95,000.00

    Interest and Taxes 12,500.00

    Copyright and Patents 111,000.00

    Fixed Assets 35,000.00

    Mortgage payable 98,000.00

    Depreciation expense 22,000.00

    Accumulated Depreciation 18,000.00

    Retained Earnings, end 63,000.00

    Salaries expense 18,250.00

    Prepayment 20,000.00

    Delivery equipment 72,000.00

    Sales 275,000.00

    Cost of Sales 42,000.00

    Accounts receivable 40,000.00

    Inventories 90,000.00

    Required –

    1. How much is the total current assets?

    2. How much is the total non current assets?

    3. How much is the total liabilities and equity?

    4. How much is the net income?

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