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How roxy business can develop better relationships

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    A hair and beauty salon (Roxy’s Beauty salon) business is struggling to survive since the COVID 19 pandemic. The market segment and target marked are further reduced due to most of the clients losing their jobs. During the lock down the owner of the space rented for business operations was threatening to close the business since rent was not paid for 3 months as there were restrictions to operate such businesses. Increasing debts which Roxy took to pay the rent, three staff and survive till now is stressing her out. COVID 19 has jeopardized her future business plans as she is a single mother supporting three young kids. More challenges lie ahead for her business as clients are still scared to use such services. Roxy has asked for your assistance as a services marketing expert.  


    1. Critically examine how Roxy can use the gaps model to address issues she may face with customers.

    2. Use your knowledge from this course to depict or draw a service blue print (either using the LUCID CHART free software, word or excel) that she could use to improve her services.

    3. Elaborate how Roxy’s hair and beauty salon can use the inverted service triangle to meet the customers needs and still remain in business.

    4. Critically examine how Roxy’s business can develop better relationships with customers, delight customers, improve the physical evidence, enhance employee roles and further enhance customer’s role. Use relevant examples to explain.

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