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How should james select items for his salad? bar

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    Question – James is a Food Production Manager for a large public university in the United States. Each semester he is faced with the task of designing a menu that satisfies not only the students but also his planned budget.? Larry’s target cost per meal? (CPM) is? $2.25. The cost per meal is the total dollar value of food divided by the amount of total customer transactions. James must select a menu that contains three main? entrees, three vegetable? sides, three starch? sides, and a salad bar that contains eight different toppings.

    ?Case: ?First, James will identify recipes that are acceptable for the? school’s demographic. All schools are different and trends fluctuate year to year. Once a base menu has been? created, James will then begin pricing out ingredients in order to evaluate the cost per serving or the direct food cost it takes to produce one serving of each recipe. If? James’s menu has too many high?cost-per-servings recipes it will drive his CPM higher than desired. James has selected entrees that range from? $0.52-$0.95 per? serving, vegetables sides that range from? $0.14-$0.28, and starch sides that range from? $0.06-$0.18.

    Now that James has selected a diverse menu that satisfies his customers and appears to meet his cost per? serving, he should next forecast his menu to ensure that his menu meets his CPM target of? $2.25. James must establish either the percentage of each recipe that his total population will consume or the acceptability factor for each recipe. James forecasts each recipe based on the last menu and current trends.

    Lastly, James must? pre-cost his menu to ensure his CPM meets his target. He will take the acceptability factor of each recipe and multiply it against the total population to derive the total amount of planned? portions, which will in turn provide him with a total dollar value for all servings served. Once a total value has been determined for? James’s menu, he will divide the total recipe dollars by total customers to find his CPM.

    Required –

    1. If? James’s menu is higher than? $2.25, what can he do in order to make his? target?

    2. What will affect his? $2.25 CPM that was not factored into? James’s original? equation?

    3. How should James select items for his salad? bar?

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