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Human resource management in 2030

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    Human Resource Management in 2030 

    Consider in turn each of these predictions from Mark Frary Article 

     Fast forward for a glimpse of the future’ (2017):

    • Management roles are not likely to be replaced, but administration tasks such as payroll and time-keeping will be taken over by technology.
    • A higher proportion of older people – many with health conditions – will continue in work as life expectancy increases and the retirement age is raised.
    • Business travel will no longer be a perk for the young, and companies will have to consider emergency planning and higher travel insurance premiums for older employees.
    • With 20% – 30% of the working population already ‘gigging’ or working ‘on demand’, the job for life culture is gone ; organisations will struggle to encourage company loyalty.
    • The ability to adapt to rapid change becomes a core competency with faster business cycles and more disruptive technology.
    • Individuals and organisations will need to commit to continuous skills development and lifelong learning
    • The workforce will be more important as technology becomes pervasive; cross-cultural and cross-generational teams are the new normal.
    • Your CV is obsolete, replaced by a sort of LinkedIn on steroids – an online record of your experience, skills, competencies and potential drawing from several sources such as past  and current employers, social media etc.
    • Pressure on property values makes large central offices too expensive, encouraging more remote working; teleworkers will use immersive virtual reality headsets to interact with colleagues around the world.
    • The growth in the number of smart connected products will allow organisations to monitor employees in detail.
    • Those employees whose roles have not been automated will be monitored in real time to ensure they are happy; it could be a case of monitoring inflexions in their voices for stress and behind the scenes an algorithm will note this and change their task to something more suited to the current state of mind.

    Discuss whether it is right or realistic to automate our human and management interactions?

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