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    It states “The balanced scorecard should be used to link human resource management activities to the company’s business strategy and evaluate the extent to which the HRM function is helping the company meet its strategic objectives. ” The scorecard has four parts: customer, internal, financial, and innovation and learning.  On the customer end in the HR part, it means how the employees view the employer, as in are they satisfied with the company’s HR department.  The internal part is more about the hiring. This is referring to how well the company keeps employees (turnover rate), how long it takes to fill open positions, and how much the company spends on training for each employee. The financial aspect is talking about the costs of the employees, this includes what they get paid, what it costs for employee benefits, and profits for each employee. The last part, the innovation and learning part, is referring to what management is capable of and the skills levels of the employees.

    When you take all those categories and put them together to make a scorecard, the human resources management practices can influence their balanced scorecard because it’s going to depend on how well they work. Each company has different roles and expectations for their human resources. I believe that smaller agencies allow their human resources to have more involvement, in the bigger agencies there are likely more departments and more work for them, so it’s likely they have less involvement until things need to involve them (my agency for example). If the human resources department is lacking or they are disorganized or they are not equal across the board toward each employee or their communication is lacking, then they would be negatively reflecting for a company. 


    Which ideas or thoughts did you read that you found interesting or insightful? How did these ideas or thoughts inform your own thinking? 

    Are there any sections that you think you read that could expound upon? (e.g. “I’d really like to hear more about how you think political corruption is a primary factor in this case.”) 

    What thoughts or questions does your reading response trigger for you?

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