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Hypothetical story of how violent conflict

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    1. A hypothetical story of how a violent conflict arose between two groups. In your story, include examples of how in-group bias, out-group homogeneity, out-group derogation, and scapegoat theory lead toward violence between groups. Be sure to label each term where it occurs in your story.

    2. How might the Stanford prison experiment have shown in-group bias, out-group homogeneity, and out-group derogation? Describe what each is, and then give an example from the experiment.

    3. Imagine a situation in which children of two different ethnic groups tend to fight. You are hired as a consultant to help reduce the fighting between groups.

    Define out-group homogeneity and out-group derogation. What questions would you ask to determine whether or not these are taking place? Then define the contact hypothesis. What questions would you ask to determine whether the contact hypothesis would apply? How would you, as a consultant, recommend establishing more trust between groups?

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