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Identification of the historical origins and evolution

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    Question: A written essay incorporating a case study and relevant theories

    Throughout this Trimester, students have learned about various counselling theories, namely:
    Psychoanalytic therapy
    Solution focused (including brief interventions) Person-Centred therapy
    Narrative therapy
    Cognitive behaviour therapy
    Family systems theory
    Acceptance and Commitment therapy

    You are required to select ONE case study from a list to be provided during the trimester and then choose TWO of the counselling theories that you believe will be appropriate to assist the client(s) discussed in the chosen case study.

    Your task is to apply each counselling theory, whilst comparing and contrasting the different ways in which each theory could bE applied in an effort to help your client(s) with his/her/their problem:

    Your answer must include the following:

    1. Identification of the historical origins and evolution of your chosen theories

    2. Details about the typical counsellor/client relationship and any other elements of the chosen theories.

    3. Application of, comparison and contrast between the two chosen theories

    4. An outline of any ethical/legal issues to be considered,

    5. An explanation of how you would use each of the TWO counselling techniques to assist your client – make sure to compare and contrast different needs of each theory in relation to techniques.

    6. A suggestion of a possible outcome for the client if the counselling is helpful.

    7. You may also suggest the number of sessions or any other requirements needed for the counselling to go ahead as planned, again comparing, and contrasting the TWO theories.

    8. A final statement that outlines which of the two theories would best suit the client’s needs, based on your analysis.

    Your written report should include at least 8 peer reviewed research articles read, in addition to any textbook references. The articles must be from 2010 or be more recent. Do NOT use older material- find current peer reviewed, academic literature which explores, expands or ad older articles

    Attachment:- Case Study.rar

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