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Identify the bones of the body-where do the true ribs attach

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    Musculoskeletal Worksheet

    – Identify the bones of the body.

    – List the muscles of the body and understand basic muscle types.

    1. The end of a long bone is called the _______, and the long shaft is called the ______.

    2. List five functions of the skeletal system.

    3. What are the two main bone types of the skull?

    4. List the 4 kinds of diarthroses joints.

    5. The wrist bones are called what?

    6. There is only one movable bone in the skull. What is its name?

    7. Where are the metacarpals located?

    8. What are the names of the two bones that form the lower leg?

    9. Where do the true ribs attach?

    10. What is another name for the knee cap?

    11. Briefly describe the structure and function of skeletal muscles.

    12. Where is smooth muscle generally found?

    13. What is an intercalated disk?

    14. What chemical accounts for muscle fatigue?

    15. The main muscle used in breathing is the _____________?

    16. How many muscles are there in the human body?

    17. List the 4 characteristics common to all muscle types.

    18. What is the name of the large, triangle-shaped muscle in the upper back?

    19. Define dystonia.

    20. What is the name of the main muscle that forms the calf?

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