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Identify the components of blood

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    Cardiovascular and Lymphatic System Worksheet Objectives:

    • Identify the components of blood.

    • Describe the functions of the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems.

    1. List the 6 components of plasma:

    2. What is the function of erythropoietin?

    3. List the 3 kinds of granulocytes?

    4. Thromboplastin converts _______into_______during bleeding.

    5. What is the sedimentation rate?

    6. What is the pacemaker of the heart?

    7. A heart rate above 100 bpm is called what?

    8. What is a heart murmur?

    9. Oxygenated blood is carried primarily by which vessels?

    10. What do valves in the veins do?

    11. What disease is caused by deposits of fat along artery walls?

    12. What is another name for a stroke?

    13. What are lacteals?

    14. What are the 5 classes of antibodies?

    15. What is the difference between passive and active immunity?

    16. Briefly describe the ABO blood typing system. (15 pt)

    17. Describe systemic circulation (20 pt).

    18. Describe coronary circulation (20 pt).

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