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Identify the internal and external environment

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    Scenario: Erich’s Roofing, the eleventh largest roofing company in the world, is experiencing turnover problems with the employees who install roofs (i.e. the roofers). The General Manager has asked you to fix the problem. While your primary emphasis might be on having a competitive base pay, you need to decide if there is anything you can do in terms of incentives.

    The report needs to have an executive summary, introduction, main body and conclusion. The report should cover, but not be limited to, the following elements:

    1. Identify the internal and external environment, which might affect the organisation’s key performance requirements and key success factors.

    2. Address key issues within the organisation relating to motivation (e.g. financial and nonfinancial incentives) and equity.

    3. Provide an assessment of other possible problems the organisation might face in the management of remuneration.

    4. Suggest options for addressing these issues, identifying each option’s strengths and weaknesses.

    5. Discuss the implementation details of your preferred option, including what type of remuneration plan you would recommend.

    6. Provide at least six academic refereed journal articles.

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