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Identify the potentials of the ghanaian company

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    A multinational corporation has expressed interest in purchasing a Ghanainan company. The preliminary observations made by the multinational corporation is that the Ghanaian company has enormous potential but exhibits all the symptoms of bad corporate Governance.You have been hired as a consultant by the multinational corporation to advise on how to improve corporate governance in the Ghanaian company.

    1. Use a theory of corporate governance of your choice to establish the gap between good corporate governance and the assumed practices of the Ghanaian company.

    2. Make assumptions about the Ghana company and give detailed profile description (Company name, objectives, vision, mission statement etc) and the model of Corporate Governance implemented by the company.

    3. Outline the ownership and Corporate Governance structure of the Ghanaian company.

    4. Identify the potentials of the Ghanaian company (Make reasonable assumptions).

    5. Identify and analyse the symptoms of bad corporate governance in the Ghanaian company, analyse and make recommendations on how to enhance corporate governance.

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