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In your opinion what made the twenties roar

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    Ancestors in the Americas: Asian American History Timeline

    After reviewing the content in this module, go to the Asian American history TimeLine Links to an external site., scroll down and read through the events from 1920 to 1929. Pick any of the events and find out more about it online. You can pick any aspect you would like.

    Then answer the question both A and B

    Question (1) What was the roar? The 1920s are frequently called the “Roaring Twenties.” The “roar” was the decade’s modernity… its “newness.” After viewing this week’s assigned video and reading — as well as finding any interesting online source on the twenties, answer the following question:

    (a) In your opinion, what made the twenties “roar”? Give three specific examples of what was new and/or moving faster in the 1920s.

    (b) Also, introduce us to one online source on a topic related to Asian American or Pacific Islander history in the 1920s. (See the top paragraph here for details.) Give a short, one-paragraph introduction to the topic you picked and include a link to your online source.

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