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Introducing a new idea that applies personal experience

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    To add to the academic conversation, reply to your classmates by introducing a new idea that applies personal experience(s) and/or new knowledge gained Make sure your reply is substantive. For example, How were your thoughts and ideas similar or different? Do you agree or disagree with their point of view, and why or why not? Remember to build on your classmates’ posts and expand the conversation as if you were all sitting in the same room having a face-to-face discussion.

    • Explain why a manager may need to use a different motivation theory to overcome the lack of motivation described by your classmate.
    • Choose a different motivation theory and explain how it might also help in the situation.
    • Would you use a different approach if the cause for the employees’ lack of motivation were related to their personal life and not the workplace? Why or why not?

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    Temisha Westpoint posted 

    One workplace reason an employee may lack motivation is not being recognized for their hard work and dedication. I would use the two-factor theory, recognition motivation. In this case I would have a ceremony just to recognize those who works hard and who’s dedicated and even give them a pay increase. With them being recognized for their hard work, it shows that they’re appreciated and will continue to be a dedicated worker.

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    Jonathan Tanner posted

    Lack of flexibility is a reason of lack of motivation. Work-life balance became a much more visible issue with the entrance of millennials into the work force. Whether it be generous time off or flexible work options, a failure to offer even a semblance of flexibility will very quickly equate to employee burnout and job dissatisfaction.

    Maslow’s Theory of Motivation

    This theory could help in so many ways and using this theory will help by building a strong structure of flexibility.

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