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Limited experience in women clothing sales

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    A police staff sergeant was prone to angry outbursts and derogatory remarks focused particularly on a pregnant female officer. He went out of his way to penalize her for supposed breaches of policy and verbally humiliated her in the presence of other detachment staff.

    What would you do as an HR manager?

    Donna worked with Mike for over ten years. For all of that time, Mike constantly made fun of Donna and criticized her work performance. Donna began to question her abilities and did not apply for other positions because she believed she would be unsuccessful. Mike ridiculed the way she walked and the way she looked, calling her an “old lady” to other employees and indicated that he believed women should be at home looking after their children. Donna complained to the manager on several occasions, but nothing effective was ever done to stop Mike’s behaviour.

    What would be the next steps of the employee?

    A women’s clothing store is recruiting summer seasonal employees. It is May, and the successful candidates will be offered four months’ work for the store’s busiest tourism season. One applicant with years of experience in women’s fashion sales was three months pregnant. The manager decides to hire another male applicant with limited experience in women’s clothing sales.

    Do you agree with this statement?

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