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    You are HR Director for XYZ Fulfillment Center International. Your business has grown so rapidly in the past 6 months that you need to hire an HR Manager immediately to help with recruiting.

    Today you interviewed two candidates. You recall that your two top candidates were very close in skills, knowledge, abilities, and education. You need to pick a candidate today. One of the candidates appears to weigh well over 300lbs. She appears to have some difficulty getting around. After a tour of the 500,000 square foot facility, she was noticeably physically uncomfortable. On paper, there is no doubt she is the better candidate. She is smart, very competent, and has a great sense of humor. She also has tons of good references.

    The other top candidate is slim, fit and energetic. During the tour, he mentioned that he runs ½ marathons. He is well dressed. During the tour he seemed aloof, and undetached to the people he met. The job requires physical stamina, long walks, constant standing etc. Management wants you to make a decision by the end of today. Assume you have all the facts.

    • Who are you going to hire, and why?
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