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    When an organization grows large enough to hire an HR person, the first thing that this person spends time working on is to create job descriptions for all the current staff.  Which then almost immediately causes the entire organization to dislike the new HR person.  However, there are many reasons why this is critically important in all organizations (over 10-25 people, and certainly when it gets to 50+). 

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    Three question prompts this week: [answer any TWO in your post] 

    1. It is a best practice to have three people involved in making the position description – the employee, the supervisor, and someone from HR.  Tell me why each should be involved in creating a position description, and what value do they bring to the process or outcome?
    2. Give me two examples of why or how a position description is critical in any of the functional areas of HR (Staffing, Training & Development, Total Compensation, Employee Relations, and Safety & Health) 
    3. A few years ago, a meme appeared on Reddit that asked people to accurately describe their jobs in a few words – but use really poor descriptions.  Here is a funny summary of some great ones.  Now it’s your turn: include in your post a badly written (but totally correct) description of your job.  I’ll share mine when I send out the weekly recap message.
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