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Mintzberg interpersonal roles

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    1. Which of the following is one of Mintzberg’s interpersonal roles?

    a. Entrepreneur

    b. Disseminator

    c. Liaison

    d. Monitor

    2. A Motivation theory which focuses on task performance.

    a. Mc-Clelland’s Theory of Needs

    b. Theory X and Theory Y

    c. Self -efficacy Theory

    d. Goal-Setting Theory

    3. Organizational behavior analyzes three levels of an organization-which are

    a. Country, employer, society

    b. Society, country, nation

    c. Employee, employer, management

    d. Individuals, groups, organization

    4. When communicating, a sender _____ a message and passes the message through a medium.

    a. decodes b. transfers c. encodes d. feedback

    5. The power a person receives as a result of his/her position in the formal hierarchy of an organization.

    a. Referent power b. Expert power c. Legitimate power d. Reward power

    6. The _____ view associates conflict with violence, destruction, and irrationality.

    a. Human relations b. Interactionist c. Traditional d. Contingency

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