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Mkt 801 Marketing Book Review Assignment

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    Book Review Assignment:

    Select a Marketing relevant book

    This is an assignment requiring you to read an instructor-approved marketing-relevant book and write a review for it.

    This project requires you to read a professor-approved marketing-relevant book and write a review for it. The written review will consist of five sections: a brief executive summary of the entire book review (which may be distributed to the entire class), a descriptive summary of the book, an evaluation of the book, a mini-bio for each of the book’s authors, and an appendix listing the book’s big ideas. The assignment is worth a possible 100 points.

    1. You’re interested in the book’s topic.
    2. The book is a reasonably ambitious read (no comic books or coloring books!).
    3. The author is or was a high level business leader, marketer or entrepreneur – ideally associated with a widely recognized company.
    4. The book probably would be of interest to a wide range of marketing managers.
    5. The book’s copyright date is 2019 or later.
    6. The book’s title makes no reference to “marbles” (i.e., current or past editions of Marketing FAME are not acceptable).

    Format of written papers
    Begin by reading the book, of course. If, after you begin reading it, you realize it’s not as great of a book that you previously thought it was, don’t worry – simply select another book (although Dr. Martin intends to grade your book report and NOT the book itself, as a practical matter, if the book is well-written and rich with insights it will be easier for you to write a great book review). Then write a book review, organized in five sections as outlined here…

    I. Executive Summary (1 page or less): High-lights of your paper, extracted from or summarized from other parts of your paper. Include the book’s bibliographic (reference) information as well, so interested readers can locate the book easily. Copies of this page may be distributed to the rest of the class or posted on BlackBoard. Please limit length to no more than one page.

    II. Descriptive Summary (about 3 pages): A descriptive condensation of the main ideas in the book. Consider these sorts of questions: What is the book’s primary thesis? What are the key “take-away” facts or assertions in the book that readers should remember? And so on.

    III. Evaluation (about 3 pages): Your opinion of the book. Consider addressing these and similar questions: Is the book well written? Is the content well developed, logically presented, and adequately backed up with relevant data (if applicable)? Does it contradict other theories/facts/ideas/beliefs? Did the author persuade or convince you in some way? Are the ideas/recommendations presented in the book reasonably specific and practical? In what ways is the book incomplete; how could it have been improved? Who (if anyone) would you recommend read this book? How does the author’s background possibly bias, lend credibility to, or otherwise shape the book’s content? And so on.

    IV. Mini-bio (about 1 page or less, perhaps longer if multiple authors): A descriptive summary of the author(s)’ background: Companies he/she has worked for, owned, managed, etc. Job titles. Education, cultural background, personal experiences or other factors that may have shaped author’s perspective. Try to keep this section as objective as possible (okay to comment on how author’s background may have created a bias, etc. in section III). Hint: For this section, you may need to do a little research outside of the book.

    V. Appendix of “big ideas” (about 4-5 pages): Here, simply list what you consider to be the book’s 25-30 biggest ideas. These may be key principles, generalizations, facts or statistics (research findings). They may be summarizations in your own words or direct quotations of what the author(s) said in the book — whatever best captures the essence of the big ideas. Each should be a complete thought/sentence; do not simply list concepts. Avoid including big ideas that are essentially recommendations if the recommendations are situation- specific (hint: most are). Also avoid including company-specific facts that may not be of interest beyond the context of the company. Use a bullet-type format to list each big idea. Each bullet point should “stand on its own,” be referenced with the page number(s) in the book from which the bullet was taken, and enclosed in quotation marks if a direct quote. If possible, list the big ideas in the order in which they appear in the book. If the author of the book captures a big idea by quoting someone else, make it very clear who said it.

    Primarily the review will consist of a descriptive summary, evaluation, and appendix. For additional details pertaining to this assignment.

    We have to choose a marketing-relevant book and get approval from instructor to further proceed on the Book Review Assignment

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