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    Self – Reflection writing

    Self-assessment is here understood as the ability of a health professional to reflect on their own strengths and weaknesses in order to identify learning needs, review performance, and learn from errors and shortcomings to become a more effective, efficient, ethical and caring professional. This assignment intends to help students initiate the journey of constant self-reflective practice that leads to continuous personal development and professional improvement.

    Students will write a short self-reflective piece where they will reflect on an incident/experience that happened either during their studies (Masters or undergraduate degree in Health service Management) or in their workplace as a Health service Administrative Officer or as a Assistant Manager and that had an impact on them. Preferably, this incident/experience would have occurred in the past 2 years (i.e. during the time period you were enrolled in the Master’s program or while working as Administrative Officer).

    Students must use the 5Rs Reflection Model(Reporting, Responding, Relating, Reasoning, and Reconstructing) and are required to engage with the academic literature to address the 5Rs requirement of reasoning and reconstruction. In their reflection of the incident/experience students need to reflect on their values and on the learnings from their postgraduate journey that may help ‘make sense’ of this particular incident/experience. The reflection needs to also discuss how Bourdieu’s concept of social capital, habitus and field can help you develop your professional practice.

    APA style

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