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Potential causes of poor performance

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    Consider one of the three employees presented. Describe in detail the potential causes of poor performance. Devise a comprehensive solution to enhance the person’s/employee’s performance.

    1. Carl Spackler is the assistant greenskeeper at Bushwood Country Club. Over the past few months, members have been complaining that gophers are destroying the course and digging holes in the greens. Although Carl has been working evenings and weekends to address the situation, the problem persists. Unfortunately, his boss is interested only in results, and because the gophers are still there, he contends that Carl is not doing his job. He has accused Carl of “slacking off” and threatened his job.

    2. Clark Griswold works in research and development for a chemical company that makes non-nutritive food additives. His most recent assignment has been the development of a non-nutritive aerosol cooking spray, but the project is way behind schedule and seems to be going nowhere. CEO Frank Shirley is decidedly upset and has threatened that if things do not improve, he will suspend bonuses again this year, as he did last year. Clark feels dejected because without the bonus he will not be able to make a down payment on the family’s swimming pool.

    3. Tommy Callahan Jr. recently graduated from college after seven years and returned home to Sandusky, Ohio. His father, Big Tom Callahan, the owner of Callahan Motors, offers Tommy a job in the auto parts factory that makes brake pads. The factory is in severe danger of going under unless sales of the company’s new brake pads increase dramatically. Tommy must go on the road with Richard (Big Tom’s right-hand man) in a last-ditch effort to save the company. But Tommy proves to be unfocused, inexperienced, and lacking in confidence. Sales call after sales call he meets with rejection, even when the prospect looks promising. Customers express some concern about a warranty on the brake pads, but Richard believes that Tommy’s inexperience and awkward approach are the big problems.

    Be sure to incorporate information from the chapter, and other sources as appropriate, to answer the Case questions, and site your sources where required. Your answers should be well prepared, follow proper writing and grammar rules and be comprehensive. Include examples, stats, etc. where appropriate. Be sure to support your positions with sound facts and examples. Use APA format for in-text citations and citing sources. [A full References page is not required; you may include your sources at the end of your Case – this will not count toward your page count]. As a guide, your submission should be approximately 2 pages in length.

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