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Prepare a Long Report and discuss benefits of the project

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    Write Complex Documents Assignment –
    Write a Long Report.
    Case Study: Top Student Education Pty. Ltd. (TSE P/Ltd) is a private education business in Brisbane. They specialise in Electrical and Plumbing Trades. They have been in business for 10 years and believe that the time has come to increase revenue and place a larger footprint in adult education.
    To increase revenue and profit, the board of directors has decided that they will include a new course to be available to International students only.
    The new course is a Diploma of Application Development.
    TSE P/Ltd does not currently the Software and Hardware for a class of 25 students that will enroll in the course which commences in 2019.
    You are to prepare a Long Report and discuss benefits of the project, and to make a recommendation to the board of Directors on whether or not to proceed with the course.
    The proposed fee for each student is $20000- for each semester, and the course is scheduled to be delivered over 12 months.
    The Competencies to be delivered are from the ICA11 Training package and include:

    • ICAICT418A Contribute to copyright, ethics and privacy in an IT environment
    • ICAPRG418A Apply intermediate programming skills in another language
    • ICAPRG501A Apply advanced object-oriented language skills
    • ICAPRG502A Manage a project using software management tools
    • ICAPRG503A Debug and monitor applications
    • ICAPRG504A Deploy an application to a production environment
    • ICAPRG520A Validate an application design against specifications
    • ICAPRG523A Apply advanced programming skills in another language
    • ICAPRG527A Apply intermediate object-oriented language skills
    • ICAPRG529A Apply testing techniques for software development
    • ICAPMG501A Manage IT projects
    • ICAPRG510A Maintain custom software
    • ICASAD506A Produce a feasibility report
    • ICAPRG505A Build advanced user interface
    • ICAPRG506A Design application architecture
    • ICAPRG507A Implement security for applications

    Note: Students are expected to have completed a Certificate IV in Web Development before coming to TSE P/Ltd.
    The chosen Programming Languages include Java and C#.
    The hardware for students will use includes:

    • Desktop machine with touchscreens
    • Software to include MS Visual Studio, MS Project, MS Visio and MS Office
    • A Java IDE of your choice. Open Source is OK to use.
    • Any other software you believe may be necessary.

    You can assume all desks, chairs, servers for software installation and Internet access are already in place.
    The hardware and software Licence items are to be costed and a graph / chart showing the break-even point is to be included in your report. The calculation spreadsheet is to be included in the Appendices.
    Your report is to include the following headings. You may use the provided template.

    • Title Page
    • Letter of Transmittal
    • Terms of Reference
    • Acknowledgements
    • Table of Contents
    • List of Figures / Tables (if used)
    • Executive Summary
    • Glossary
    • Body – Introductory section
    • Body – Central section
    • Body – Final section including: Conclusions, Recommendations and Signature Block
    • End matter – Appendences and attachments and References and bibliography.

    Your report is expected to be presented in a professional manner.

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