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Prepare an executive summary

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    1. Prepare an executive summary. An executive summary is an overview of your report summarising key points of your report. The executive summary is not an introduction. It should be clear, concise and high level.

    2. Identify and explain why HR planning is necessary for organization effectiveness. In your explanation, be sure to note some HR practices involved in HR planning, such as forecasting and demand and supply. Please select one demand model and one supply model to illustrate your point.

    3. One part of HR planning involves assessing the external environment. Identify four external environmental factors and explain how these factors might impact the development of HR strategic plans.

    4. How has Covid-19 redefined work, the workforce and the workplace. What does this mean for the impact of strategic HR planning?

    5. Provide practical and creative recommendations for HR professionals to build a sustainable post Covid future. Focus on the post Covid HR planning implications, rather than the pandemic itself.

    6. Proper MLA citing of sources of information. Use at least 3 different research sources

    7. The report should be organized, well formatted and free of grammar and spelling errors. Always think of the reader when you are writing.

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